The XDA is adding 3 motorcycle Grudge Shootouts called "Running Of The Bulls" on Saturday night at the MTC Engineering Summer Nationals at Virginia Motorsports Park on June 22-24!

Pro Extreme (Any Power Adders)


Pro Nitrous (Any Nitrous Bike)


Pro Liter (Nitrous Liter Only)


- Limited to 8 bikes per class
- 7" slick or DOT tire
- No wheelie bars
- No Time & 1/8 mile
- No Class Bikes Can Enter
- Rider can only ride 1 bike per class
- Bike cannot be entered in more than 1 class

Racer Lock-In is $1,000 (non-refundable). You are locked in! It is only refunded if we do not race because of weather. The $1,000 "Lock-In Link" button below is now live, so grab your entry before they sell out!

Once the 8 spots fill up in a class, that class is set. No additional entries will be taken for that class. So be ready, as it could sell out in minutes!

We will be allowing racers to "transfer their spot" to another bike if you break as long as it meets the rules for the class.

You can sell your spot and transfer it to another bike all the way up until 1st round and that bike will take your spot on the ladder.

The whole point to the lock-in is so everyone knows what the pot will be before they get in the truck and travel to the event and know how much they are racing for.

Allowing you to transfer your spot to someone else still keeps the same money in the pot, so we are going to allow it.

100% of lock-in money goes to winner in each class. XDA will pay $1,000 to runner-up in each class! If we have a full field of 8 bikes in a class, it pays $8,000 to win and $1,000 to runner-up.

We will draw a ladder on Facebook Live before the event so everyone knows who is running each other and to promote the classes and teams. Lane Choice will be determined with a deck of cards in the staging lanes.

Testing will be all day on Friday from 11am-11pm for $100 per bike (you pay that at the track) like we do at all XDA events. You will get two shakedowns with the pros on Saturday at 1pm and 4pm. "Running Of The Bulls" 1st round will be at 7:30pm, 2nd round at 8:30pm and Finals at 9:30pm.

Track will be "Pro Prepped" and on KILL for each of your shakedown runs and each round of eliminations.

We will also update Race Results on our site after each event. None of your run data will ever be posted, shared or accessed by anyone. Only rider names, bike name and the year & make of the bike will be posted in the race results that show who won and who got beat in the Running of the Bulls. Results will have first round through finals for each of these 3 Grudge Shootouts along with the winner's circle photo. These will be archived on site, so you will be able to see forever.

Who's got the meanest bull?